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White Hockey Tape

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PuckStyle Hockey proudly boasts our white hockey tape as the softest hockey tape in the world! Our custom design is a proprietary weave of cloth fibers that your standard white hockey tape does not compare to. PuckStyle Hockey has the brightest white hockey tape on the market. It is easy to tear and forms to the hockey stick blade when being applied. The adhesive provides a strong connection to the blade of your hockey stick and does not leave a sticky residue when you take it off to apply a new tape job.

Traditional cloth based self-adhesive white hockey tape is made of non-elastic cotton cloth or synthetic fibers. Depending on the level of play, this tape may only last one or two games on the blade of a hockey stick. Some hockey players like to tape their stick before every game or practice regardless of the condition of the tape. After all, there's nothing like a fresh tape job to start the day of right. However, other players get frustrated with hockey tape when it doesn't even last a period of player before getting worn out on the blade of the stick. Our custom weave of cloth fibers adds an extra level of durability that your industry leading hockey tape companies do not provide.

PuckStyle Hockey white hockey tape can be used for:

- Taping your stick handle to allow for a better grip.

- Taping the stick blade to protect it from wearing and provide a softer feel for the puck.

- Taping the lower part of the stick shaft to prevent damage from another player hacking at your stick.

- Taping the blade proceeding from heel to toe also allows for a player to impart more rotation on the puck to add accuracy for a shot or pass.

- Taping shin pads to the legs if a clear version of shin pad tape is not available for use.

1" wide x 25meters long

NOTE: Bulk/Team order request please contact Nate.