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The Game Day Beanie

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Introducing "The Game Day Beanie" to hockey fans across the stratosphere. A snug, form-fitting beanie with a cuffed brim. Appropriately named for those players ready to get after it on game day, this exquisite piece of fabric only has two primary functions. Keeping your head warm and kicking butt. Like an angry bull charging down-hill to run them over, your opponents will cordially step aside when they see you walk in the room wearing this masterpiece of comfort. Is it true we made this beanie from the hair of a Sasquatch? We're not sure. You'll have to ask a Sasquatch in person if that's true. What we can say is that you'll own the room and keep your 'bean' warm every time you wear this beanie. Buy it. Wear it. Be it.

100% Turbo Acrylic
12" in length
Unisex style